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Architecture as an Art Form: The Relationship Between Design and Creativity

The definition of what is considered a work of art has been debated for years, but it’s safe to say that most would agree that architecture is not one. However, others have argued that architecture should be classified as an art form since the finished product can greatly impact those who view it. In this article, I will discuss some reasons why I believe architecture should be considered an art form and hope you’ll come away from reading with a new appreciation for buildings as well.

Art is a personal expression of oneself. It can be seen as an individual’s way to express themselves and their feelings, thoughts, and ideas through various mediums such as paint or clay. Architecture is no exception; it is another form of art that allows people to create beautiful structures that evoke feelings and serve a purpose. Architects work tirelessly to create aesthetically pleasing and functional designs for those who live in them, creating homes for us all to live in while still allowing us to retain our individuality within these living spaces.


How do we appreciate architecture as an art form?

The process behind the architecture is interesting because architects must constantly balance function and design when creating new buildings, so one does not overshadow the other, resulting in something creative.

Architecture is an art form that has been around for thousands of years. It is one of our society’s most important cultural aspects, yet many people do not appreciate it enough. Buildings can be considered works of art, just like paintings or sculptures, and they speak volumes about where we come from and what we value as a culture. Architecture spans all over the world throughout history. But if you look hard enough, you will see examples everywhere.

Should people treat architecture as an art form?

There is a famous quote attributed to Louis Sullivan, “Form follows function.” This idea has been adopted and adapted by many in the design world. However, some question whether this approach to architecture is still valid in today’s society. In our modern era of instant gratification and fast-food mentality, it can be difficult for people to appreciate the beauty of architecture when its purpose seems so clear cut: sheltering us from weather and providing space for living or working. As a result, we have become used to utilitarian buildings that do not stand out as much as they should because their form does not follow their function enough. They may be functional, but they fail to inspire awe with their grandeur or impress us with intricacy. As such, we forget how important architecture is.

To truly appreciate the beauty of architecture, you must be willing to explore beyond the surface. Architecture is more than just a building with four walls and a roof; it’s an art form that can be appreciated for creativity and inspiration. There are many ways to support this claim: through understanding architectural design, admiring iconic buildings, or simply by looking at photos online. But no matter how you choose to experience it, architecture should always be considered an art form rather than merely something functional.

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